Emergency medical services available during the Christmas period

Clinic will be open on the following days and time:
24th December from 08:00 – 14-00
29th and 30th from 08:00 – 20:00
31st from 08:00 – 14:00

For our 24h daily service including weekends contact 58073000

Also in clinic every week:
Chiropractic and shockwave: Dr Carsten Steiner and Claire McGrail
Cardiology : Dr Emilio Gonzalez
Counselling: Jackie Cassar
Diet Nutrition: Amber Bishop Garcia
GP’s: Dr Sarah Jane Lima, Dr Anna Skinner, Dr Olivia Gonzalez and Dr Mohammed Salem
General Surgery: Dr Carlos Molina
General and colorectal surgeon: Dr Denes Kovacs
Gynaecology : Dr Cristina Espada
Neurology: Dr. Jesus Romero Imbroda
Orthopaedic Surgery: Dr George Chami and Dr Ignatios Chatziandreou
Osteopathy: Ingrid McIntosh and Sally (Sarah) Correa
Physiotherapy: Jorge Espada, Andrea Train and Jose Hijano
Podiatry: John Miles
Psycology: Anne Marie Bonfante
Psychiatry : Dr Alejandra Hallin
Radiology/Ultrasound: Christopher Rodriguez
Urology: Dr James Allan, Dr Paul Hughes and Dr Wolfgang Kleimer
Nursing Specialities

For more information you can message us directly, phone us on 200 62222 or email us on info@midtownclinic.gi