Welcome Dr. Alvaro Flores to Midtown Clinic

At Midtown Clinic, our commitment to providing world-class healthcare has always been at the forefront of our mission. As we constantly strive for excellence, we’re thrilled to share exciting news with our community.

Introducing Dr. Alvaro Flores

We’re proud to announce the recent addition of Dr. Alvaro Flores to our team of esteemed professionals. Specializing in Clinical Oncology, Dr. Flores brings an extensive background of experience, dedication, and a track record of excellence in patient care.

A Snapshot of Dr. Flores’ Impressive Credentials

  • Expertise: Dr. Flores is renowned for his specialization in treating various types of cancers including breast, skin, and prostate cancer, among others.
  • Global Experience: Since starting his journey in 2011, Dr. Flores has gained invaluable experience from renowned institutions in countries such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, and Gibraltar.
  • Education: A graduate from the University of Sevilla, Dr. Flores has further enriched his knowledge through internships at esteemed establishments like the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York and Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal in Madrid.
  • Publications & Associations: Beyond his clinical expertise, Dr. Flores has contributed to scientific literature with publications on oncology topics and is an active member of various scientific societies.

What This Means for Midtown Clinic

Dr. Flores’ addition to our clinic is more than just an expansion of our team; it signifies our relentless pursuit of offering the best to our patients. His expertise will undoubtedly bolster our oncology department, ensuring that we provide cutting-edge treatments backed by comprehensive research and experience.

We warmly welcome Dr. Alvaro Flores to the Midtown Clinic family and look forward to the expertise and care he brings with him.