Discover Our ENT Services

Our ENT Consultants will provide 4 distinct services to meet the different patients demand:

Basic Consultation: a general assesment using basic instruments that will provide an overall basic evaluation and treatment of the patient's complaint.

Specific in depth Consultation in addition to the basic one: This will focus on further assessing the specific issue: for the ear (+£80 using the microscope and if needed for a baseline hearing testing ) and for the nose, throat and neck (+£130 for using the endoscope). The MTC is the only private clinic in Gibraltar equipped with an ear microscope that magnifies the view of the ear canal. This is extremely useful in facilitating accurate diagnosis and treatments (such as dewaxing and removal of foreign bodies) Nasal endoscopes have become essentials medical tools for a comprehensive thorough evaluation of the nasal cavities, sinus entrance as well as throat, voice and neck problems.

Dizziness Consultation: this will include the Specific ear Consultation and a balance assesment/treatment.

Patients that seek an overall basic ent assesment will most likely decide in favour of the first option.
It is however possible that during this consultation the additional equipments will be required to reach the diagnosis and/or manage the patient ‘s complain