Nursing Specialist


Meet Nurse Paloma: Experienced Specialist with a Focus on Cardiology and Psychology

Photo of Paloma, the Nurse of the Nursing Services in Gibraltar

Paloma is a dedicated and skilled nursing professional whose diverse training and extensive experience span across multiple medical fields, with a particular focus on cardiology and psychology.

Educational and Professional Background:

  • University of Seville: Paloma began her nursing education at the University of Seville, where she built a solid foundation in medical knowledge and patient care techniques.

  • Elite Cardiology and Lung Hospital, Chelsea, London: After her education, Paloma worked in London at a top cardiology and lung hospital. During her three years there, she expanded her knowledge through specialized courses and a master’s program in cardiology, enhancing her ability to manage complex cardiac conditions.

  • University of Distance Education (UNED): Complementing her medical training, Paloma pursued a four-year psychology degree, which provided her with invaluable insights into the psychological aspects of patient care. This education allows her to offer a holistic approach to nursing.

  • Diverse Nursing Roles: Paloma’s career also includes significant roles in Maternity, a Covid Special ward, and a Mental Health Unit, highlighting her versatility and commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare.

  • Primary Care and Emergency Department, Tenerife Health System: For three years, Paloma served in the Primary Care and Emergency Department in Tenerife, where she further honed her skills in handling urgent care scenarios and primary health consultations.

Paloma’s extensive experience in cardiology and psychology, combined with her broad nursing expertise, makes her a vital asset to our team at Midtown Clinic. She is passionate about delivering compassionate, informed, and effective care to our patients.

Schedule Your Appointment with Nurse Paloma at Midtown Clinic: With her expert care and comprehensive approach, Nurse Paloma is dedicated to assisting you in achieving optimal health. Contact our reception today to arrange your consultation and experience personalized healthcare tailored to your needs.