Mariola Fernández García: Expert Nursing Care at Midtown Clinic

About Nurse Mariola Fernández García

Mariola Fernández García, Experienced Nurse at Midtown Clinic Gibraltar

Mariola Fernández García, a key member of Midtown Clinic’s nursing team, brings over a decade of diverse and extensive nursing experience. With a strong foundation established at the Navarra Hospital in Spain, her expertise spans across dermatology, gynecology, cardiology, and primary care, reflecting a deep commitment to comprehensive patient care.

Mariola’s academic journey in nursing began with her BA in Nursery Sciences from the University of Nursery in Algeciras/Cadiz, Spain. Her education laid the groundwork for her diverse skill set and deep understanding of nursing principles. Committed to continual professional development, Mariola has also achieved advanced certifications that enrich her nursing practice. She is an accredited International University Expert in Pediatric Emergencies, a University Expert in Integral Female Health, and a University Expert in Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. These specializations highlight her capacity to provide patient-focused care across various medical scenarios.

Throughout her career, Mariola has been dedicated to expanding her knowledge base and skills. She has completed several pertinent courses, including Nursing Exploration in Self-limited Acute Processes and Nursing Research and Valuation from FUDEN, along with specialized training in Pressure Ulcer Management and First Aid from the Red Cross. Her commitment to staying updated with the latest nursing developments ensures exceptional care for her patients.

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Mariola effectively communicates with a diverse patient demographic, ensuring clarity and compassion in her patient interactions.

Mariola’s professional journey includes experiences in various nursing capacities, including outpatient, cardiology, maternity, and primary care. Her tenure at Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra involved significant roles in dermatology, chronic poly-pathological patient care, and general surgery.

At Midtown Clinic, Mariola is a testament to our commitment to healthcare excellence. Her broad nursing experience, coupled with her patient-centered approach, makes her a vital asset to our team. She exemplifies the blend of clinical knowledge and empathetic patient care that positions Midtown Clinic as a leader in nursing services in Gibraltar.