Urology Specialist

Dr Wolfgang Kleimer


Urology specialist trained in the University of Müster, Germany. He has worked and collaborated in clinics in France and USA

30 years experience . Operations (in and outpatient surgery): Vasectomies, circumcisions, hydrocele, ultrasound, prostate biopsy(amongst others) performed in Gibraltar.

Incontinence treatment: Complete work-up including cystoscopy and urinary flow. Latest treatment available for women without surgery on an outpatient plan.

  • Fertility work up: Hormone profile, ultrasound of testicles, sperm analysis. Experience from running outpatient clinics in university hospitals for erectile dysfunction
  • Well man clinics: Including lab test, ultrasound, cancer prevention.
  • Sexual therapy
  • Anti-aging concepts
  • Children and women also treated, operations on babies also possible.

Co-operation with major renowned clinics Europe-wide have been established to facilitate the best possible/available treatment. Actively involved in clinical investigations on prostate cancer, coordinating Europe-wide amongst other activities during his research.