Chinese Medicine Specialist

Dr Jing Quiao

Chinese Medicine

Photo of Dr Jing Quiao. Doctor for Chinese Medicine Services in Gibraltar

Dr. Jing Quiao, a leading expert in traditional Chinese medicine in Gibraltar, practices at Midtown Clinic, where he specializes in acupressure, cupping, and scraping. These ancient techniques provide patients with non-invasive options for a variety of health concerns, emphasizing a holistic approach to wellness.

Educated in the rich traditions of Chinese medicine, Dr. Quiao has developed a deep understanding of how to harmonize modern medical needs with historical health practices. Each 30-minute session with him is carefully tailored to alleviate conditions such as muscle pain, insomnia, digestive disorders, and more, ensuring personalized care for every patient.

Dr. Quiao is dedicated to his ongoing professional development, continually refining his skills to incorporate the latest advancements in Chinese medicine in Gibraltar. This commitment enhances his ability to offer treatments that not only address specific symptoms but also promote long-term health and preventive care.

The therapeutic techniques Dr. Quiao employs at Midtown Clinic include acupressure for pain relief, cupping to enhance circulation and detoxify the body, and scraping to improve blood flow and overall vitality. These methods are chosen for their effectiveness in improving patients’ health and their ability to provide a comforting, healing experience.

Known for his clear and compassionate communication, Dr. Quiao ensures that each patient understands the benefits and processes of Chinese medicine. His approach has made him a trusted healthcare provider within Gibraltar’s diverse community.

At Midtown Clinic, Dr. Jing Quiao is a pillar of our commitment to offering comprehensive health solutions. His expertise in Chinese medicine in Gibraltar enhances our array of services, providing residents with unique and effective treatment options that support both physical and mental well-being. Dr. Quiao’s practice is integral to our mission of delivering exceptional healthcare that meets the holistic needs of our community.