Psychology Specialist

Ángela García Raya


At Midtown Clinic, where the convergence of medical excellence and human empathy paints a picture of holistic healthcare, Angela brings a unique blend of personal experience and professional dedication to mental health.

Angela’s journey into the world of psychology was not just an academic choice; it was a calling born out of the complexities of life. Her early struggles were not mere obstacles; they were the catalysts that ignited a deep-seated passion for understanding the human mind and its myriad complexities. This personal connection to mental health challenges fuels her empathetic approach to therapy, making her a beacon of hope for many navigating their mental health journeys.

Educated at the University of Huelva, Angela’s foundational years in psychology were marked by an eagerness to delve deeper into the human psyche. Her academic prowess led her to pursue a master’s degree in General Health Psychology at the University of Santiago de Compostela, during which time she devoted herself to an extensive psychological study of Eating Disorders. This research was more than an academic endeavor; it was a commitment to understanding and mitigating one of the most challenging mental health problems of our time.

Beyond her formal education, Angela’s quest for knowledge led her to attend various courses and gain experience in a spectrum of disorders affecting both children and adults. This versatility makes her an invaluable asset to Midtown Clinic. Specializing in cognitive-behavioral and integrative therapy, Angela offers a therapeutic approach that is as adaptable as it is effective. Currently, she is enriching her skill set even further, pursuing expertise in Trauma and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a testament to her commitment to providing the best care to those struggling with the aftermath of traumatic experiences.

The year 2023 marked an important milestone in Angela’s career, as she joined the prestigious team at Hallin Mental Care. Here she has found a new avenue to channel her passion and skills into meaningful change. Offering individual psychotherapy and family work, she serves a diverse clientele, bridging language barriers by providing services in both English and Spanish.

At Midtown Clinic, Angela’s role transcends the boundaries of conventional therapy. She is not just a professional, but an ally, an empath and a guide. Her approach to therapy is characterized by a deep understanding that each individual’s journey is unique, and so are the solutions they seek. Her sessions are safe havens where challenges are acknowledged, strengths are celebrated and healing is a collaborative journey.

In a world where mental health is increasingly receiving the attention it deserves, professionals like Angela are the standard bearers for change. Midtown Clinic is proud to have her as part of our team as she continues to touch lives and guide our community toward mental wellness.

As we embark on this journey together, we remember that in the pursuit of health, the mind is as vital as the body, and its care requires both skill and heart, qualities that Angela embodies in all aspects of her work.