Counselling Specialist

Mrs Andrea Szekely


Photo of Andrea Szekely. Professional for Counselling Services in Gibraltar

Andrea boasts a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from a Hungarian university and a Masters of Science degree in Health Psychology from the UK. She’s currently dedicating her research efforts in Health Psychology, specifically focusing on Disorders of the Gut-Brain Interactions, as she works towards her PhD.

Her skills and training encompass studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and she’s recognized as an Advanced Level Auxiliary Schema Therapist. Her affiliations include being a member of the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) and a graduate member of the British Psychology Society. With her commitment to the field, she actively participates in group supervision of the ISST.

With a versatile approach, Andrea has vast experience working with clients both locally and online. She provides counselling services in general psychology, aiding individuals with concerns like anxiety, depression, and helping establish coping strategies. Moreover, her expertise in Health Psychology extends to assisting individuals coping with functional bowel disorders, reproductive challenges, and overall health conditions.

A significant aspect of her methodology is the active use of Schema Therapy techniques during counselling sessions. Andrea believes that these techniques don’t just assist in coping but also play a pivotal role in understanding the root causes of an individual’s life challenges. Her approach to mental health is anchored in trust, privacy, and empathy, ensuring a wholesome counselling relationship.